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men from ft. myers to go on trial in the botched burglary and murder of the defenses back star and washington red skins pro bowler shawn taylor is not going to be spending life in prison. he was not convicted by this jury of 12 people. after about 20 hours of deliberating over four days on first-degree murder, instead they came back just moments ago with a second-degree murder conviction. clearly they had difficulty determining whether eric rivera jr. who showed not much more of a reaction during the reading of the verdict than that. he had a videotaped confession, prosecutors did of rivera saying he pulled the trigger six years ago this month when suddenly he was surprised inside the home of shawn taylor that shawn taylor comes out of the bedroom with a machete and that's when prosecutors say rivera shot him in the leg, and no gun and despite the confession, the jury only giving him second-degree murder. >>> the miami dolphins have indefinitely suspended a player over accusations of bullying. the dolphins announced that the offensive guard ritchie incognito's suspension came s
testimony. the defense chose not to the trial is still going. we are looking at two, two and a half more weeks of testimony. >> thank you so much. for more on this trial, let's bring in former prosecutors and defense >> so the judge did not let her in the courtroom. and also the defense chose not to question her. why? >> you know why, because she's a kid. when this happened, she was sick, when she was questioned and videotaped, she was 7, now she's 12. it doesn't make sense for the defense to push her. she was just a child. she's still a child. here's what's going on, the grand scheme, we're on day eight of this trial. all the d.a. has established is martin mcneil was a cheater and liar who wasn't in love with his wife. there's no forensic evidence, no direct evidence there was a crime committed. >> who had his mistress -- >> well, he did ask for way more drugs for her after her plastic surgery, the facelift, the wife who died than normal. would that not be key evidence? >> that's key evidence. she's got no history of drug abuse is key evidence. and although this is all circumstantial ev
playing defense who repeatedly says he simply wasn't aware there would be problems that would ultimately lead to a disastrous rollout. joining us now, fox news host, governor mike huckabee, who is here to offer his perspective. governor, great to have you. let me ask you first, what we're seeing is a law designed to cover the uninsured. it's now booting far more people off their insurance plans than it can sign up. right now, on the nonfunctioning insurance exchanges. governor, the longer this goes on, what does this do to the president who can't distance himself from a law he set in motion and the cornerstone of his leadership agenda. >> he really can't, uma. the fact is, he can say i didn't know about these problems. well he should have known. frankly, i don't believe for a moment that he didn't know. no less than nbc indicated that the president knew three years ago that everything he was saying at the podium, if you like your health insurance you can keep it. he knew that wasn't true. if he had explained that more people would lose their insurance than would keep it and that this pro
hurt the defense case. our legal panel weighs in coming up. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. jon: breaking news on stories we're watching around the world. china suspect as car crash at beijing's tianamen square which an suv plowed into pedestrians killing five people was actually a suicide attempt. sources say beijing police are searching for two members of the china's muslim community for questioning. >>> hurricane-force winds battering europe from great britain to the netherlands killing more than a dozen people so far, cutting power for thousands and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights. >>> the captain of the ill-fated costa concordia back in court hearing testimony for a second day. witnesses describe the chaos on the night
con virkss. thank you so much for being with us during the night. >> thank you. >> with me defense attorney steve razor and pathologist and fox news contributor dr. michael baden. let's hit it. you've got the first medical examiner says it's a heart attack. the second medical examiner said it's a heart attack with drugs. third said she drowned. nobody said it was a homicide. how does the prosecution win? >> well, i think number one is that the diagnosis by the third medical examiner dr. perper of evidence in the testimony and the autopsy of drowning is correct. that she had a lot of water in her lungs and air passages from the testimony. >> let's assume she drowned. how do we know what she drowned from? >> like drew peterson case. people don't drowned in bathtubs wearing clothes innocently. >> did she have clothes? >> the top of her body had clothes on. she wasn't taking a bath and had a heart attack. >> what was she doing in the tub? >> that's why it was -- let's see if that dr. macneill can answer that. there was an issue as to whether she was bent over the tub or whether she was
. it wasn't just the black flags of al qaeda flying. it was the fact that there was a defense department report, a report from the defense department saying al qaeda is setting up a cell in benghazi. watch out. the repeated requests from the people in the embassy. we need more security. it fell on deaf and blind ears. >> so if it was about the election, now we're post-election. >> right. >> so why would the administration continue to allow al qaeda to become stronger in egypt, syria, iraq, afghanistan? i mean, it's one thing to be blinded before an election. >> right. >> but it's a whole nother thing to have the legacy now of president obama be -- to be blinded about al qaeda? your thoughts. >> yeah. as far as the legacy you're absolutely right. they remain blinded about al qaeda. why? if they admit it, then they'd have to go back and say we really did make a big mistake on benghazi. they're not about to admit that. he's looking for a very different legacy. the legacy he wants is an arms control deal with the iranians at almost any price. the iranians want to have the sanctions lifted. t
's veracity. and tonight they're trying to push back. white house aides began mounting an aggressive defense of why potentially millions of people who buy their own insurance were told by president obama they could keep their plans yet suddenly cannot. >> what we're talking about here is the 5% in the country who currently purchase insurance on the individual market. and that market has been like the wild west. >> reporter: that 5% in the individual insurance market translates into up to 14 million people. and the real question now about the wild west is whether the president was fast and loose with the facts. >> if you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. period. >> reporter: the white house is now adding all kinds of context and qualifiers saying what he meant is anyone who had insurance before health care was signed into law in march 2010 is grandfathered in, except on the third anniversary of the bill signing this march the president put out a written statement using the present tense declaring "if you like the plan you have, you can keep it." and on monday ni
tried to help martin macneill, the defense countered by saying if she doesn't testify honestly, she'll go back to jail. today the prosecution0s main focus is what happened after michelle macneill died. martin macneill hired gypsy willis as the the family nanny. the prosecution asked, did the sexual experience go on after she was hired. the answer was, yes, and then began looking for wedding rings and he proposed, giving her a 4-1/2 carat diamond. that is when she took on the name jillian macneill so she could go on the military base with martin mcneill, and listen to this. >> what name was used for you? >> jill yap g. macneill. >> did how hold yourself out as married to someone in. >> yes. >> married to whom? >> martin macneill. >> did you have a marriage day on this? marriage day is listed as april 14-inch. >> of what year. >> 2007. >> what is the significance of april 14th of 2007. >> that is the day of the funeral. >> the day of his wife's funeral was the date that she put down for the wetting dade. a that's gypsy willis' mom testifying and she testified that martin macneill neve
do not? >> no, as a 30 year it official that developed things like this for the department of defense and private sector you can replace it, but you can't fix it. >> is that the solution thaw see, take the whole thing down and start all over again? >> they will probably try and tell us that they are fixing it and i am not going to tell you that there are not components that can be used in a rebuild, but you can't patch something like this up, bill, it doesn't work that way. it is not going to happen. and what needs to happen is finger pointing needs to stop. you heard the apology today. kathleen sebelius tomorrow needs to apologize tomorrow. >> i how far she can go to satisfy you. i take two from your answers there is not a lot you can say. do you know if the president asked to see the web site before it was rolled out in >> i do not know if the president asked to see the web site before it was rolled out. that is an interesting question. but the president ought to reimburse the american people for the cost associated with fixing or replacing the web site. over $400 million is spent.
the site's flaws and glitches as they're called. this as the white house finds itself on defense over a poor signup numbers to date. >> our goal is to get as many people done as possible. i can promise you the first enrollment numbers which are released later this month are not going to be what we want them to be. no question about that. website hasn't worked really when it's worked but we take responsibility for that, take responsibility for the errors, responsibility for fixing it. >> i think the government is inherently inhe want. government has to do certain things. there's a certain safety net. there's national defense, there's roads, a judiciary but government shouldn't take on new opportunities or new things to do when it's not managing what it has now. jenna: two different opinions there. chief white house for respondent ed henry talking to us. we encourage people to sign up for obamacare. we have very limited numbers at this point but do we have any indication about how this is affecting enrollment? >> certainly one interesting piece of new information today, jenna, you have
? was it secretary of state clinton? secretary of defense panetta? both deny knowing of specific threats. and, of course, president obama says he did not knowed extent of the danger either. after the intent was underway the administration did not take action. >> you did had this conversation with the defense. you asked him what military assets were on their way and he says? >> effectively they are not. >> and i for a moment i just felt loss i didn't. i couldn't believe the answer. i said you have got to tell those guys there may not be any help coming. >> and there wasn't any help coming. now the defense attache in libya was lt. colonel keith phillips who says there was a fuel problem in getting air power to libya. but with all the warning, shouldn't the u.s. military have been on alert in that region? of course. of course they have you had been. so, here is the overall situation. you have a president, who apparently is disengaged from day-to-day activities in his own government. and one after another, you have major problems. before obama care, many americans were apathetic to that but now b
defense as an employer if you offer this type of training to your employees. >> no. they don't have to worry about anything. this is stupid. they have paid lawyers on the payroll. somebody comes at you, you defend it you don't force your people to do that. >> this is why you are not running the fox news channel. >> no. there are many other reasons. [ laughter ] >> many, manier reasons. >> another crazy school district this one in jersey. we just got through wisconsin. didn't we solve this. >> we did good in wisconsin. >> we did. they had a fold and let the kids sing christmas carols and now in new jersey. >> they get to sing them in december. >> in the context of the holiday. >> they're good. >> yelled at doris same thing going none new jersey. what happened. >> fourth and fifth graders would like to perform winter concert that has some christmas carols in it and they decided that is not allowed anymore. >> who is they. >> couple parents suggested we don't want to hear christmas carols in the winter concert and so the lawyers. >> do you have the name of the parents? >> no. >> come o
defense. legal panel weighs in coming up. t or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? jip breaking news on top headlines and brand new stories you'll only see here. new problems for the obamacare website as the white house braces for more hearings on just what went wrong. we'll go live to the pentagon on a disturbing new report to find iran may be much closer to producing a nuclear weapon than anyone thought. and this man said he was just trying to help police nab a suspected rapist when he shot the fugitive dead. our legal panel on the slew of charges he now faces. it's all "happening now." jon: thanks for joining us for the second hour of "happening now." jenna: and happening now, a white house in damage control as the hits from fugitive leaker edward snowden continue to keep on coming. just as the white house is fending off reports t
the website tee yeahs scow that put the white house on the defensive and em boldened the critics. >> the central issue here is not can we build a great website. it is can we make sure that the american people who deserve affordable, quality health insurance are able to buy it. that's why the president is so frustrated by the website. more frustrated than anyone else. >> this is about more than just a website, and it will take more than a 1-800-rose garden infomercial from the president to fix this. the failure of obamacare launch is just the tip of the iceberg. unless we act, americans will be stuck on board this titanic. this is why republicans are going to keep fighting to protect consumers from the consequences of the health care law. >> we also learned something pretty stunning. the obama administration knew all along that as many as 93 million americans may be unable to keep their health plans under obamacare and notwithstanding the president's repeated, chronic promises that everyone who liked their plan a -- could keep them. remember that? now here is ellen ratner and fox
, a lot of coroners in this case. joining me in this case are defense attorneys and former prosecutors. boy we get a lot of bang for you our buck here. i have been following this trial and it is interesting. i can't imagine anything more compelling than this, the daughter who was with her mom 24 hours before she died is a medical student and was on the stand saying this. >> why were you seeking information as to your mother's death? >> because i -b8 -- because i believe my father killed her. >> objection, your honor, move to strike. >> overruled. >> overruled. doug? >> every trial have i been in and i would love to get my colleagues' point of view it would have been sustained and strucken out. you can't say i think mr. x did something. you need evidence and facts. having said that, i will completely reverse course and agree with you, jaime which is oh my god how compelling and devastating. i am not laughing. >> the jury heard it. she was a medical student and she was there. >> it is just the family dynamic. in 99% of trials family members are supporting the defendant. here you have a c
to his attorney, and his defense attorney is still getting back to us. he did tell the "associated press" that pascal is shocked he was charged, he really did fall asleep, and any touching was inadvertent. you michiganed the federal marshal case. he has been removed from duty after he was arrestedded for taking cell phone pictures under women's skirts as they were boarding a southwest airlines flight in nashville. the tsa is investigating that case. >> live in denver, thanks. now a warning going out to thousands of patients that their personal information may be part of a huge tax scam. it's the latest example of a booming type of fraud, one that could cost a -- all of us a lot of money. most of the victims were patients of the orange county health department in florida. investigators came across a hand written list of names, patients who were targets of the scam. patients' personal info was storm, which the scammers used to submit fraudulent tax returns. when the government sent out refund checks, investigators say the crooks pocketed the cash. this is nothing new in the sunshine statem
of killing his wife. his defense team insists that his wife died of natural causes. several medical witnesses are expected to take the stand today in what is expected to be another dramatic day in this murder trial. alicia acuna is live from our denver bureau with more on this. >> reporter: hi, jenna. we're hearing from a forensic pathologist, an expert witness who was hired by the prosecution. some people know him as the medical examiner from florida who performed the autopsy on anna nicole smith. he testified he was brought on to the case and given tissue sample slides and autopsy reports of michelle macneill to study. take a listen. >> my opinion was michele died as a result of drowning and in addition to that she had some drugs which were not in fox kohl logical levels but, in my opinion, could have contributed to her death. >> reporter: she was found in a bathtub in her home fully clothed by her 6-year-old daughter in 2007. her death was initially ruled natural causes as a result of cardiovascular disease. that was amended by utah's chief medical examiner to undetermined and to include d
and the trial of dr. martin macneil, prosecutors say he drugged and drowned his wife in the bathtub. defense lawyers argue michelle macneil died of heart disease. today a cardiologist suggesting she had only a mild form of heart disease that would not have killed her. also the prosecution calling forensic pathologist dr. joshua perper as expert witness. testified died as a result of drowning. ed said drugs could have played a role in her deck. you may recognize dr. perper, he was the medical examiner in the anna nicole smith's case. and that is tonight's speed read. you have heard it over and over and over since october 1st. americans struggling to get through on the obama care web site. so you are never going to believe this one. actually, maybe you will. our next guest says his application went through, even though he did not submit it. now, how did that happen? a former president of the association for software testing. he joins us. ben, so what happened with your application? >> well, i had started an application and filled out much of the application and got to the end and there were th
. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> it sold more than 30 million records and recorded more than a dozen top 40 hits including reminiscing, lady and night owl. here to perform a song from "cuts like a diamond," please welcome "the little river band." >> great to have you here. lil wayne, your music has been able to span over several decades. one of the most notable things about little river band is the incredible harmonies of the band. is it natural to you guys or do you have to really work at it like if i sang with you? >> what a loaded question. >> yeah, it's loaded. i haven't heard you sing but you are playing great. >> that's why there is not a mieshg phone for me. that's a reason for that. >> it does come natural with these people. after people come and go after 30 years we have had a lot of people come and go, one of the connecting elements is that ability to blend, sing hard night after night and create that kind of blend in those kind of powerful vocals. >> this new album "
doesn't have the authority to grant bond but the defense disagrees. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> nsa whistleblower edward snowden has been charged with espionage. but he wants to be let off the hook saying they are looking to criminalize a local speech in a letter friday the northbounding sa whistleblower asked for international hope to persuade the us to give him clemency. >> he violated u.s. law. he should return to the united states and face justice. >> snowden has also indicated that he would like to testify before congress withoabout the surveillance program but lawmakers wonsay that won't hap either. >> houston taking on the colts. the texans were rolling through the first half. andre johnson pulls in his third touchdown of the game. texans up 21-3. what we told you about texan's head coach gary kubiak collapsing it's down there from houston they go on to drop their 6th straight. 27-24. raider rs taking on the eagles. it was the colts the eagles quarterback shutting down the raider's defense for a record tieing 7 touchdown passes. connecting with riley coo
. it looked like they were being insensitive to the cancer patient. >> a strong defense is a good offense and these guys are really offensive. and that's why they see no problem going after her instead of obama. why was this missed? this whole story, which has been out since 2010, why was this entire story except by fnc and conservative blogs? and it's very simple. media bias provides a blinder that obscures the beliefs. it's the morphine that deadens the pain of your own mistakes. so there's no way that the media could see this until now. >> do you see -- seriously, did you see in 2010 -- did anybody in this country -- very few people were aware of this. >> oh, my god. >> that you couldn't keep your -- >> are you out of your mind? >> bob, where have you been? that was the reason republicans won in 2010. >> i'm talking about the majority of the american people. >> can i just throw this out here? i'm a conspiracy theorist. the reason why obama delayed the employer mandate is they knew it was going to be 70 million people thrown off the rolls and they didn't want it in an election year. >>
months. michelle macneill was found dead. the defense says she died of heart disease. now to upstate new york the home of former nfl player brian holloway. teens trashed during a party. the only bidder was a bank. holloway was hoping to sell the bank for a million dollars. thousands of dollars of damage was done during that labor day party. 8 people facing charges. today marked one year since super storm sandy pummeled the u.s. devastating parts of new york and new jersey. sandy sending floodwaters into jersey shore and long island. new york city nearly 14-foot warm surge swamping the subway system and knocking out power. sandy is blamed for 181 deaths and $65 billion in property damage. and that's tonight's speed read. >>> it was rough on capitol hill today. republicans on the house ways and means committee grilling medicare chief marilyn tavenor. she heads the agency overseeing and apoll devised for its botched rollout. >> i want to apologize to you that the web site has not worked as well as it should. >> no one in the entire obama administration has asked you not to re
it? maybe. most likely. did he lie? i have possible but the secretary of defense not conclusive. here is the example of a provable lie just so you know. last night bill maher progressive zealot accused me of promoting the republican party, implying that i used talking points from the g.o.p. that's a lie. i have never received republican talking points in my life. anyone who watches this program knows but moore doesn't care. he has nothing to lose by spouting dishonest jibber irish. he makes money doing it president obama has a lot to do in fact, he could be impeached. if that were proved proved beyond a reasonable doubt. why would the president risk that in the key question in this intense debate? that's the memo. we will read some of your letters on the subject at the end of the broadcast. now joining us from los angeles ebony williams radio talk show host in for kirsten tonight and kate observen observe on -- obama care a great program that will benefit the vast majority of americans. he did not address the lie thing straight on, but indicated that his descriptions of the benefits o
surge that the administration's been talking about. meanwhile, they're still playing defense, not just on the website problems, but also on this whole question of the president's credibility, selling the law three years ago by saying if you like your plan, you'll be able to keep it. you'll remember, the administration, including the president yesterday in boston when he walked some of that back, still maintained, though, that this only involved a small segment of the market. he said it was basically 5% of the population who have their own -- pay for their own insurance plans, they're the ones impacted getting cancellation letters. but has a report out today suggesting many millions more people may be impacted who have employer-based insurance because of changes in the affordable care act but also because of various market forces. republicans jumping on this to blame the administration in suggesting that many, many more people are going to get cancellation letters while white house spokesman jay carney a few moments ago insisted health care costs are coming down because of th
the secretary of defense know about a cable coming out of benghazi in august from our ambassador to washington, the state department saying we can't defend this place against a coordinated al qaeda attack and al qaeda flags are flying everywhere? how could the secretary of defense know that and not secretary of state? here's the way this will work. i am hoping they will relent and allow us to interview survivors of appropriate -- >> if they don't? >> i will ask my republican colleagues and democratic colleagues stand up to the obama administration. don't let them get away with this. can you imagine if this was george w. bush and he told the congress after 9/11 you can't talk to anybody because there is a potential criminal investigation. we're not going to investigate how 9/11 became the failure that it was. >> 60 minutes ran a story last sunday in which they talked to the british supervisor of local libya security around the consolate before the attack. here's a clip of that. >> i was saying these guys are no good, you need to get them out of here. >> you also kept saying if is place is attac
create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm padity ann browne. new information on the alleged gunman at l.a.x. investigators say the suspect paul ciancia had a note with him spewing his hatred of the tsa. he also may have sent a suicidal note or text to his family before opening fire. one tsa agent was killed and several others injured including the alleged gunman during yesterday's shooting. >>> a live look now at l.a.x. as terminal three where the shooting took place is now p partially reopened following yesterday's incident. passengers are now able to enter the ticketing area but the gate area remains closed this morning. outbound flights were canceled for hours as yesterday's events unfolded. that impacted hundreds of flights and altered plans for nearly 100,000 people. i'm patty ann browne. now back to "forbes on fox" and for more, logon to >>> the loss of that will not just mean empty tables for thanksgiving for millions. it will mean, as well, a weaker econo
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were defending this early on. in defense of the journalist, it's hard to cover a train wreck before the train derails. some of these questions were raised about a lot of this. the other night, bill o'reiley scolded you for being too optimistic and then you had your own personal brush with obama care. >> i should say i still support obama care as a program. and i still think the idea of health insurance, insuring 30 million uninsured, i support the president's effort to do that. the rollout has been a disaster and it's inexcusable. there's no reason that they shouldn't have -- they had two years to do this. there's no reason they shouldn't be able to do it. they have minimized the damage. kathleen sebelius said i wish i had five years. that's ridiculous. you don't need five years to do this. the other problem is that the president made a lot of promises that aren't holding up which is you're not going to have to change your health care. >> are you okay? >> i'm going to have to change my health care and it's going to go up by quite a bit of money. which i've said before, i'm happy to
the dallas defense with 329 yards just 8 shy of the single game record. the lions won 31-30. to the west coast oakland raiders quarterback terrell cryer takes one in himself from 93 yards away. the longest touchdown run ever for a quarterback. raiders win 21-18. bad grandpa finally takes down gravity. >> did you put money in there? >> sorry. it didn't work. >> bad grandma nothing but good at the box office this weekend. the movie starring johnny knoxville number one with $32 million. the space thriller gravity slips to number 2. and tom hanks finished in third. >> going into the rockies and other plains as well. maria molina has your first degree weather update. >> you are right. we are talking about a storm system developing out west. this system doesn't just have snow but also areas of rain and strong winds associated with it. we have a number of winter chill warnings in effect. we have a winter storm warning for parts of montana. we are watching this storm system as we head into tuesday. severe weather damaging winds large hail possible. temperature wise on the cold side and backside
to israel defense force, hamas is responsible for that rocket fire. we'll keep watching this one as it develops. >>> singer chris brown waking up in jail cell yet again. this time police say he attacked a man outside a hotel in washington, d.c. over the weekend. the 24-year-old is still on probation for beating up rihanna -- remember this -- back in 2009. if he is found in violation of his probation agreement he could face four years behind bars. he'll face a judge this morning on felony assault charges. >>> this morning we're remembering rock and roll legend lou reed. ♪ ♪ >> that is a song he is best known for, a solo hit "walk on the wild side." he was born in brooklyn, new york. he was the lead singer for the vet vet underground -- velvet underground in the 1960's. a lot of musicians remembering him. steven tyler tweeting from masses to the masses you made the world sing. from lenny krav i tz, peace on the wild side. lou was 71 years old. i think every generation remembers that song. >> did a lot of music and a lot of living. >> it was his second liver. coming up straight
stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality the nsa saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but france, germany and throughout europe. the french are someone to talk. the fact they have carried out spying operations against the united states, both government and industry. as far as germany that is where the hamburg plot began to 9/11. they had dealings with iran, iraq, north korea, french and germans and other european countries. we're not doing this for the fun of it. this gathers valuable intelligence that helps not just us but the europeans. >> but -- martha: we'll talk about that coming up with peter king. the congressman will join us later this hour, 9:30. bill: what do you think at home? does america apologize too much? send us a tweet all morning, @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. we'll get to them a little bit later today. there was a time we would fix all this stuff, right? our view of the world. how the world views us. some of this polling would suggest exactly the opposite. martha: all the world leaders know they have been bugged but they don't l
stop apologizing, stop being defensive. the reality is the nsa has saved thousands of lives. in france and germany and throughout europe. we're not doing this for the fun of it. this is to gather valuable intelligence which helps not just us but also helps the europeans. >> you begged me to go first. >> did you have to say that? >> yes. >> okay. i'm going to just say, my experience, i was in the white house, we were doing this back in the 70s and 80s. this is nothing new. they do it to us. particularly the french. i don't care -- you should spy on the french in their bedroom as far as i'm concerned. >> why, you want to learn something? >> you're ruining my -- >> they spy on us. we spy. this is a game -- i mean, it's not a game, it's serious stuff. if you listen in, you got to listen in to the exchanges going back to some government people. it's as simple as that. they're doing it to us. >> so now you're okay with it? >> of course. >> you've got to understand what he's distinguishing. he's talking about -- this is what spying is for. i mean, you spy on big wigs. and by the way, 35 world
, we can't afford the basic things in government that we need, like a decent national defense or expenditures on science and technology. the chinese seem to have a better space program than we do these days. >> you mention defense. we've got a graphic that shows how defense spending as a percentage of the tkpwopd has gone -- as a percent of the g.d.p. has gone down. in 2012 it was 12.3%. fast forward to the 2016 estimate and it looks like just 3.1%. what's the matter with spending less on our national defense, professor? >> let's look at what's happening in the middle east and asia. in the middle east we've abandoned egypt, for example, narrowing our focus. they justify this by saying we're shifting resources to asia. look at what has shifted to asia. not that much. now the japanese, the prime minister is saying that japan has to rearm to protect itself from china because they understand that just as the president abandoned morsi to the mob in the streets, when it really counts on those islands, the americans might not have the punch to do what's needed and they're going to ha
sure that she does not get defensive. she is going into what will be a he very difficult hearing. she will have some democrats who defend her but it's even going to be hard for them. when their constituents are watching. when they see what has happened over the past several weeks to their premiums, to their deductibles and also even if they have tried to get on the web site and it hasn't worked it's hard to defend incompetence. for her standpoint i think she should come with as many facts as she can as many civility as she can muster up. think about hillary clinton's benghazi hearing what's the one sound bite can you remember from that it's when she said what difference does it make? that's the only thing you remember from that hearing. kathleen sebelius has a chance tomorrow to keep it cool even if she has taken a lot of heat. >> you know, i would come armed with the answer to this question. she will get this question tomorrow as we heard many times today how many people have enrolled. they keep saying we are going to tell you november 15th. i would come with the answer tomorrow why
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resets and launching into speeches of their own in defense of obama care. i think even mike rogers in that presentation, i think the world of mike rogers, former fbi agent, doing a great job. all of this is in the weeds. what do i care about how things are put into computers? who is to blame, who is not to blame? look, the big -- >> the security of a major site -- >> first of all, there's no issue here about security at the moment. zero. nobody is saying, oh, yeah, they have now gained access to people's social security numbers or private information. that information is not necessary to sign up. >> it is to enroll. >> you allow people to put their financial information into the system, their social security numbers, stuff that would damage them for life -- >> no one has said this is happening. zero, period, no one. is there any way to go after obama care? >> a lot of respect for mike rogers. he's been working on cybersecurity for the past couple years. he comes out and says this, and you say he's full of it. >> mike is an expert in fact, and you know, looking at that kind of secur
. now in defense of you, bob, i will agree with you, the members and their questions, i think they pushed her a little -- a little too much. i think it's very tough to go negative on a woman and that's why they sent her up there. i do think at times they seemed like they were pushing her and it was very easy for her to sit there and answer. >> were you embarrassed by some of these guys? >> at times, yeah. >> you know what, they're politicians. they're clumsy, weird people on both sides. by the way, bob, she had a lot of preparation as well. i mean, look, the thing that got me when she said that they have no reliable data on enrollment, it shows you how government measures success is by not measuring success. because once -- you cannot measure something that does not exist. if you have the measurements, you see that you fail. and also she fell on her sword. she took the blame because you cannot blame god and in the cult of obama, obama is god. she cannot say it's his fault. it's harder to get out of the cult of obama than scientology. >> do you want to weigh in on this? i want
a new trial after spending a decade in prison for the murder of teenager martha moxley. the defense team asked the judge to release him on bond pending a new trial. the judge said it is not clear if he is entitled to bail. they are asking both sides to submit arguments. >> 19-year-old max wade is found guilty of stealing the lamborghini. it was stolen in 2011 after under going maintenance. he could face 30 years in prison. >> the city council overwhelmingly voted to raise the tobacco purchasing age under federal law no one under 18 can buy tobacco in the u.s. even higher minimum age delays young people from starting to smoke and limits health risk. >> denver residents will be able to smoke pot in their backyards after all. they proposed a rule that would have made it illegal but lawmakers backtracked on the plan. it allows people to smoke in their yards and possess marijuana in city parks. it may be purchased in licensed stores and consumed in private residence but public consumption remains illegal. your tax dollars going to foreign flights. washington is meeting to discuss this very id
house defense over the last couple of days that only 5% of the population will be affected by this because it only involves individual insurance plans and does not affect employer-based health care. this report suggests when you go back to the federal register in june of 2010 when the fill was signed into law, officials, administration officials, actually said then they thought there would be disruptions and potentially cancellation notices for employer-baked -- employer-based plans. and jay carney insists this will be in the employers' hands and the in the early stage their costs are coming down so they should not be kicking peep off -- kicking people off plans. >> there's a report from forbes that says over 90 million individuals are going to lose their healthcare coverage they liked and had. they will have access but it's not what they want. it's what the government fors them to buy and that's not the way our system ought to work. >> costs have been going up dramatically in health care for decades, and that has put enormous pressure on american businesses and
establishment a strong defense whatever the. in sa is doing. in the end it will be interesting to see whether or not the new coalition is the majority. >> charles, has any of this, as it's come out and steve is quite right because the initial headlines sometimes isn't backed up by what we find out, has any of it changed your mind about edward snowden and whether or not he is a whistle blower or somewhere on the spectrum to traitor? >> i never had any doubt that he is a traitor. these revelations regardless of the con dent of it, for example, just the fact that we are -- he is implicating the british working with us is a betrayal of our partners. think of how it will damage other intelligence agencies who will not help us. we need the help of the british, the spanish, the egyptians all over the world. we will penetrate cells out to kill americans. i found one curiosity in this report who knows if it's true that we are eavesdropping on the pope. reminds me of stalin's question the pope how many divisions does he have? why in god's name are we listening in on the pope unless the nsa employees wa
. is he accused of drugging and drowning his wife in the bathtub. defense says she died of heart disease. medical examiner taking the standed to grey testifying that michelle macneill may have died with drug toxicity combined with heart disease. he is not saying she drowned but it is possible. denying a town's attempt to shut down a hot sauce factory. the town wanted the factory to stop production since saying it was emitting stinky fumes pepper and garlic. the drug rejected that request. the hot sauce company says it is working with the city to reduce the smell. finally sponge bob sponge bob square pans spng bob get the act? so his boss can save the whole nickel that's tonight's speed read. now, brace yourself for this one. the agency that is implementing obama care paid out $23 million for dead people. you heard right. according to a new inspector general report the senators from medicare and medicaid services paid $23 million to providers and players all on behalf of beneficiaries who were dead. former new york stock exchange mayor rudy giuliani joins us. >> nice to see you, greta. ha
by defense attorneys, she filed a motion to stop it. quote, the state believes that such a reference is used in a derogatory way and is meant to make the state's attorneys seem oppressive and to inflame the jury. the lawyer who was targeted in the motion fired back. dense attorney drew justice told the judge that hence forth, he would like to be referred to as captain justice. other acceptable names, he said, would be guardian of the realm and leader of the resistance. the judge denied the government's motion. >>> finally, remember a bound solar? it was one of the green companies that folded in 2012 after taking hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in loan guarantees. well, here's the kicker. their building is still a toxic mess of carcinogens, broken glass, and contaminated water. the northern colorado business report said it will cost nearly $4 million to clean up that building. taxpayers like you have lost a total of $70 million on that company so far. before the cleanup. >>> the major political fallout in the obama care mess is not criticism from the right. and that's a given. it's t
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